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What does a School Guidance Counselor do?

(Find out what the American School Counselor Association says here...)

At Robeson Elementary Center, the school counselor supports students, families, and school staff. School counselors promote academic, career, and social/emotional success for all students. Counselors may provide short term counseling or crisis intervention at school. Some students may be engaged in short term small group counseling or individual counseling on a variety of topics, including the development of positive peer relationships and social skills, self-control, improving friendship skills, etc. School counselors provide referrals to community resources that treat mental health issues. All students are supported through direct instruction/classroom guidance lessons that promote positive healthy behaviors. Lessons in 3rd and 4th grades also include career development.

The school counselor supports families by assisting parents in the process of identifying children with special abilities and/or needs through coordinating special education and gifted referrals. The Child Study Team will identify students who require additional interventions in order to be successful. The Student Assistance Program will identify students' families who could benefit from additional supports. The counselor may guide you through referrals to outside counseling services or wrap around services, such as those listed on the previous page. School counselors advocate, coordinate, and collaborate with teachers, parents, and specialists about how to best meet a child's needs.