About the Counselor

I have been a School Counselor since 2003, beginning the first two years of my career at the Reading School District, before moving in 2005 to work as a school counselor at an elementary school in Wicomico County, MD. Eight years later, I returned to PA to work at my alma mater, Twin Valley School District, as the school counselor at Robeson Elementary Center.

I graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Child Development/Psychology in Education. Two years later, I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a M.Ed. in Counselor Education. I hold current School Counselor certifications in MD, DE, and PA.

I am a current member of professional organizations such as the National School Counselors Association and Chi Sigma Iota (an international honors society for professional counselors).

Please feel free to contact me 
via email or by phone at 610 582 9580 if I can be of service to you or your children.

-Ms. Karen Richards-Schmitz

What does a School Guidance Counselor do?
(Find out what the American School Counselor Association says here...)

At Robeson Elementary Center, I support students, families, and school staff. The goal is for students to be successful academically and interpersonally. We achieve this goal by assisting students in adjusting to a new school, developing positive feelings toward self and others, developing skills in interacting and communicating with others, coping with changes in themselves and their surroundings, recognizing cause and effect of their actions, and taking responsibility for their own behavior. Some students are engaged in small group counseling or individual counseling on a variety of topics, including developing positive peer relationships and social skills, self-control, improving friendship skills, etc. All students are supported through classroom guidance lessons on character education topics. I support families by assisting parents in the process of identifying children with special abilities and/or needs through coordinating special education and gifted referrals. Parents contact me for a variety of reasons. They may have concerns over student achievement, family difficulties, death of a family member, or much more. Explaining the services available for students in the school and in the community is an additional way in which I support parents. This may occur through referrals to outside counseling services or wrap around services, such as those listed on the previous page. I collaborate with teachers, parents, and specialists about how best to meet a child's needs.