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Please see our video below, on re-opening Robeson for 20-21:

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During this unprecedented time, we want to ensure that students’ social emotional needs continue to be met. We recognize that students and adults are experiencing a wide range of emotions during this major shift in our lives. Listed below are resources to help navigate this time. Additional student lessons from our three elementary schools’ joint counseling department can be found at and contact information for REC’s School Counselor is located at


Parent and Family Resources- Coronavirus and Wellness

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Posted by NGARNER  On Apr 01, 2020 at 4:21 PM

Allergen Safe

The TWIN VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT recognizes that life-threatening allergies are on the rise nationally and affects 5% of children and 4% of adults including many students at TVSD.

People diagnosed with severe allergies can have devastating reactions that can result in serious illness, or in extreme cases, death when exposed to a specific food allergen. Some are at-risk only if they ingest the identified allergen. For others, simply touching a desk in the classroom or a water fountain that has the allergen on it can trigger an allergic reaction. To support our students and staff diagnosed with a life threatening allergy, TVSD has added procedures to address K-8 classroom birthday celebrations, daily snacks, and classroom parties. Please review the documents below for information about our safe snack procedures and safe snack list.

Link to the district page:

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